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Quick And Easy Fat Burning Recipes For An Amazing Physique

Getting in shape, looking healthy and maintaining a physique that would give anyone a run for their money is hard work. Nothing comes easy, and the same hold true for the rustic and healthy body. If you are thinking of working towards getting that amazing physique, you should focus on your diet.

Food intake is of utmost important when you are working towards getting that amazing body. There are a few easy delicacies that you can make at home, which are healthy, filling and will help you keep away the unhealthy foods away.

  1. Omelette with Feta and broccoli: This might not sound right to your ears but these are actually a good and healthy combination on the plate for a breakfast. Loaded with proteins, and the goodness of green vegetables it makes a wholesome breakfast and also fills your stomach with the good food. Also, you will add tons of fiber to your food for breakfast making you feel lighter.
  2. Fresh Fruit Smoothies: Ditch the outside juice corner or packaged drinks and whip up your own version of smoothie with your favorite fruit. You can clean the fruit properly; push it into your mixer or juicer with water, milk or curd based on your liking.
  3. To keep the health quotient up do not add any sugar and whip it nicely. Adding Flax seeds would make it a better tasting smoothie. So, try and experiment with the fruits you like and whip yourself good health at home. Get the good nutrition sans the fat or carbs.
  4. Bananas and almonds: Bananas are one of the most amazing fruit which provides all round nutrition and help keeps your bowel clean. It is a filling food rich in vitamins and minerals and without any kind of unhealthy fat. These two in a combination will make for a filling meal and also help increase the metabolism and give it a good boost.
  5. Chick pea salad: Chick peas are loaded with nutrition and they make for a filling meal. Soak them, pressure cook and cut as many fruits and vegetables you want and make a salad by adding little olive oil, and little salt. Chick peas are a great source of nutrition, fill you faster than most foods, give good fiber and keep appetite in check. They also help increase the water intake which means less unhealthy food and better metabolism.
  6. Black beans: The bean family is blessing and the black beans are a good source of protein and make for a wholesome meal with some good salad options for you. You can toss them with some other vegetables. The beans will add good fiber and boost the body metabolism and breakdown the fat in the body.

Enjoy Healthy Muscles with A Protein-Rich Diet Plan

Human body is a marvellous creation and you can’t help but fathom how it functions. Keeping it in amazing share and healthy is your own responsibility. One can’t do much about the bones but the body muscle and the way it is looks can be controlled and taken care off.

One needs to be dedicated to the cause of healthy and stronger muscles and healthy eating habits. Muscles are nothing, but protein. A good food diet loaded with protein rich foods would do the trick for you or anyone out there looking to get fitter and tone up.Depending on your day to day routine you should decide on the intake of your proteins.

What are some of the sources of protein?

Proteins are a health option that will give you all the nutrition but they won’t add the unwanted calories to your body or increase your weight. A high protein diet will help you sculpt the body the way you want and how you want. Below are some sources of protein:

  • Beans and all members of the bean family
  • Sprouts, lentils and pulses
  • Fish
  • All kinds of meat, mutton and chicken
  • Eggs and curd
  • Tofu and cheese
Mix and match when it comes to protein

Proteins are good for the body and remember to mix and match. You should not just consume one kind of food as a source of protein. Get together all kinds of proteins and ensure a balanced diet for a good muscle build up. Even the protein foods will vary in their food nutrient value and hence it is imperative to mix them up.

If you can muster a chicken salad one day, include curd and tofu or fish the next. Body will benefit from variety as well and you will not get bored of your diet and food intake. Also, you will keep unnecessary food intake and carbs at a good distance.

Make it fun!

When you are focused on a particular kind of nutrient intake you might feel bored after a while. It is important that you learn to try new recipes and make something interesting each day. Every meal should give the feeling that you are making a good choice and eating the same food preparation over and over again can get boring.

Look for interesting recipes, make them yourself at home. One should not eat out when trying to take care of the muscles and this way you are not eating unhealthily. If you have even an ounce of doubt about your food intake, reach out to your nutritionist and get yourself a diet plan that would suit your daily work schedule and ensure that your daily diet intake is met without fail.


Proper Diet Is Equivalent to Proficient Workout and Good Night Sleep

An old adage goes, “You are what eat!” So, what is all this hush hush and talk about eating healthy, proper diet and good eating habits.

The working world of today and the innovations in technology are making us all little laid back. The amount of physical activity we have and the food that we eat have come to develop and inverse relationship. We are exercising less and we are eating unhealthy food now more than ever. This means that while you don’t do much exercise you continue to consume excess calories. It is important to strike a balance with exercise and eating “right”. Yes, we should say eating right in a proper manner is the most important aspect when it comes to stay healthy.

You can apply the 80:20 rules to the way of healthy living as well. 80% of your wellbeing, physique and weight gain will be directly impacted by what you eat and when you eat. Wrong eating can never be a replacement for exercise. Even when one exercises but has the wrong eating habits all the efforts will be in vain. Studies have proved that good, healthy eating habits, which include, but are not limited to a balanced diet comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables and least amount of junk food, help one stay active and look younger and fitter.

Even if you can’t exercise regularly but stay focused on what you eat, when you eat it you can reduce weight or maintain it. With age and time the body undergoes multiple changes that will warrant a change in your eating habits as well. So, it becomes paramount that when you feel that you are undergoing change and the regular schedule or food intake is not working for you, consult a doctor to get yourself a better and sustainable diet that suits the change in your age, lifestyle and day to day activities.

Another important benefit of a proper diet is that it will add most value to your workout every day and also ensure you get proper rest for the body and mind. Rest is important. Eating right food with right nutrients to power your entire body ensures that you are active for longer and don’t feel exhausted. It is not easy to give up a lot of food that you like but if you can make a choice and stick to it, you will be rewarded in the long run.

So, make sure you eat well, exercise to complement that diet and rest assured that you will be blessed with good body; healthier organs and a glow that age won’t be able to steal from you.