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Debated Fitness Topics

Posted by Alejandro Perez on

Some Hotly Debated Fitness Topics for A Better Lifestyle

Nowadays, it’s in rage for the fitness freak to stand on issues, affecting the health industry. Some might rely on traditional cardio, and others will opt for crunches to get a flat stomach. But, the main question is, which one is more effective? This gives rise to various hotly debated fitness topics, among some of the trainers and professionals. No matter whatever fitness regime they would suggest you, it solely depends on what your body can take. It is not always proper to take one side of the debate unless you are sure of the opponent side.

Dynamic stretching or static one

Maximum people have a misconception that static stretching inhibits power production and strength and must be avoided at any cost. Well, this is not always the right conclusion, to draw. Static stretching can feel good, and maximum people might need it. On the other hand, dynamic stretching, along with static stretching can very well negate the current inhibition. Before going for the workout, it is vital to start your regime with static stretching, followed by dynamic one.

Squat or corrective exercises

The fitness freaks would like to try their hands with barbells. For them, this huge heavy lifting equipment can contribute a lot in making muscle. What they don’t know is that such big lifts can be corrective in nature. However, if the practitioner comes across any position like forward inclination, then squat is not the end of story. You cannot only rely on the corrected exercises only to get that perfect physique of your dream. It needs to be a perfect amalgamation of corrective exercises with heavy lifting. Corrective exercises are mainly parts of inter-set rest or warm-up sessions.

Isolation or compound exercises

Well, isolation exercise is nothing but a waste of time. This is what most of those people think, who are into big compound lifts. Some of the multi-joint movements like pull-ups and squats can easily make up for those bulk training sessions. However, you must know that multi-joint exercises are no doubt suboptimal for training some certain muscles of your body. You can take those examples of biceps and hamstrings. For treating these muscles, isolation is just perfect, as they do not change length during compound lifts.

Bilateral or unilateral body training

For your lower body parts, there are two most integrated training sessions available; bilateral and unilateral. In case, you are a power lifter then those heavy loads on the back seem to be a great deal of fun. However, if not performed properly, it might cause some serious back pain, which can be permanent. Unilateral exercise offers the same benefits, just like bilateral counterparts. No matter whatever is the case, you should consult an expert first, before starting your fitness routine.

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